Scott Prom, Partner/winemaker

     Scott’s interest in wine started in 1985 while living in Seattle and working for airplane manufacturer, the Boeing Company.  It was there that Scott discovered a unique company sponsored club- the Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Makers Club.  This great club provided formal classes on wine making once a year and had access to some of the best wine grapes up and down the west coast.  After several years of practice, Scott broke into the big league and started consistently winning awards at local state fairs, including Best of Show for a 1992 Lemberger. 

     Originally from Wisconsin, Scott is a Mechanical Engineer and has worked for 25 years in the aerospace industry primarily developing commercial and military aircraft.  After 11 years in Seattle, Scott and his family moved to Vermont in 1996 to be closer to their families in PA and WI, and to raise their kids in a small town environment.  After experiencing winemaking withdrawal, Scott hooked up with Ken Albert in 1998 and began the relationship that has resulted in Shelburne Vineyard. 

    Scott’s passion has been slightly more in the winemaking side than the vineyard and now views each bottle as a work of art – reflecting the winemaker and his style.  Scott lives in Shelburne, just a short walk through the woods from the winery with his wife LynnAnn, daughter Erin and son Riley.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys anything outdoors including hiking, camping, biking.