Sam Coppola, Partner/manager

     Sam is a first generation Italian born in Avellino, Italy. His family comes from a long line of cooperative grape growers and winemakers back in Italy who carried their passions with them here to America. Sam followed a professional path obtaining an MBA and law degree from University of Ottawa, Ontario. He lives in Montreal, Quebec with his family and pursues his career as a tax and entertainment law attorney.

    However, the wine-grape bug hit him when he invested in a small vineyard just north of Montreal. From there he formed an alliance with the winery and purchased a 60 acre old dairy farm. It is now known as Mt. Philo Farm & Vineyard located on Ethan Allen Hwy at the corner of Mt. Philo State Park Rd in Charlotte, VT. The vineyard part of the farm was merged with Shelburne Vineyard and brings into estate production about 10 additional acres of vines. Mt. Philo farm also produces some traditional balsamic vinegar from local northern variety grapes and has a small plot of organically grown lavender to produce soaps, sachets, salts and hydrosol. These products are available at the winery.

    Sam brings on board his administrative knowledge of business and law, his traditions from the old world of winemaking in Europe and his more recent experiences from northern cold climate vineyards in Quebec.