Our Vineyards

Our vineyards cover a total of 15.5 acres located on sites all within a 7 mile radius of the Tasting Room. Click the buttons below to learn about each vineyard's history and specifics.

Our Winery

Located in the same building as our Tasting Room, at the site of our McCabe’s Brook vineyard, our winery is filled with high quality stainless steel tanks and oak cooperage, our Cima crusher-destemmer, and our GAI 8-spout bottling machine. Click buttons below to learn the complete process of vine to wine, and to see opportunities to tour our winery and McCabe's Brook vineyard.

Our Grapes

Temperatures in Vermont can frequently dip below zero.  And while our summers are short, they are often hot and humid.  Grape varieties grown in our climate must be disease resistant and hardy enough to withstand such extremes of cold and humidity.

Our process

Wine making is a year-round process which requires the work of many hands. Whether it's harvesting, crushing, pressing, fermenting, aging, blending, or bottling, we're working all year to get those grapes into your glass. See an abbreviated version of our wine making process below.