Macy Mullican, Sales/outreach

    Well, it all goes back to those Texas days and growing up on a ranch.  Appreciation for the land I guess.  Grandma Posey always kept a garden so I was constantly harvesting fresh foods for lunch and looking for horned toads.  A side of the family runs a vineyard outside of San Antonio where I used to search for arrowheads.  After University in Texas I went east.  Ran a cafe outside of New York City for some years then on to Vermont in 94’.  Met up with some German au pairs and that took me north of Hamburg for a few years.  Living in Deuschtland on the Baltic sea.  Opa Bechetel owned a vineyard on the Mosel river so we had a constant supply of good German wein.  This is where I had my first introduction to ice wine. 

      After traveling abroad for a few years, I moved to San Francisco where I worked for a family with a vineyard in Napa.  One of the first organic vineyards in California.  After a year in San Francisco it was back to Vermont in 98’.  I first started working for a small Vermont start up food company that has now gone global and helping a local wine merchant deliver around the state. 

    I discovered Shelburne Vineyard in 02’ and have not looked back.  Great times and experiences.  I have been a year round employee since 05’.  I focus on marketing, sales and outreach and will soon add cellar work to my duties.  I have enjoyed helping grow the company and being involved in many facets.