Gail Albert, Director of Marketing

Unlike Ken, I wasn’t born with a native passion for wine, I married it.  In fact, I always felt guilty in the years prior to our starting Shelburne Vineyard when we’d go to a dinner and he’d be relegated to drinking the table wine because I was drinking club soda and couldn’t share the finer vintages from the menu.  But my tastes have developed in the ten years we’ve been making our own wine and I’m our biggest fan now which is why I’ve become our Marketing Director.

I was born in NJ and met Ken on a blind date in 1964 in Poughkeepsie NY.  We married in 1965 and moved to VT in 1969 with our 5 week old daughter and then gave birth to our own native Vermonter in 1970.  We now have two young grandchildren who love to “work” in the vineyard!  In college, I majored in Russian and later took an MS in Speech Pathology.  I’ve been a fine woodworker (my career there started with turned mahogany wine goblets!) and a fundraiser for public radio.  I directed the Discover Jazz Festival in 1987 and then turned to working in higher education and service-learning, work I continued until 2006 when my title at the Vineyard as weekend weeder was elevated to Marketing Director.  In my spare time, I’m a 17 year member and current Chair of the Shelburne Natural Resources and Conservation Committee and am President of the Vermont Wine Council.