produced and directed by Austin Demott

We're not knocking your candle-lit dinners or sliding into an adirondack chair with your favorite bottle of wine on a warm summer night. Don't get us wrong, we love those things too. 

But we're Vermonters, which means equal parts relaxing and roving. And it's clear that your favorite bottle of wine isn't following you to the top of Mt. Mansfield or rowing you out to the center of Lake Champlain. 


Sustainably grown, damn good Vermont wine. Anywhere.


Where do Capsize Wines come from?

From the east bank of the Champlain Valley, on the sunny Shelburne slopes in the brave little state of Vermont. The grapes are grown and wines are crafted by the team at Shelburne Vineyard.


Why “Capsize”?

We're a wine for people who live life adventurously, who head out to the wild like true Vermonters. We also know that any excursion isn't much fun without a bit of controlled chaos. That's why our motto is “If you flip the boat, the cans still float”. If you need a fun and refreshing break from your journey, we'll be there.


Is wine in a can as good as wine in a bottle?

We believe it is. It should theoretically be more stable than wine in a bottle because there is virtually no risk of the wine developing a fault, due to the lack of oxygen exchange that a cork allows.


How should I drink it?

Whatever the situation allows. If hiking a ridge trail, glasses are going to weigh you down. If relaxing on your back porch, pour it out. It tastes great either way!

The wine tastes best when served icy cold.


What sort of wine is it?

Our Capsize White is comprised of two Hybrid varietals: Louise Swenson and LaCrescent. Louise gives the wine it's refreshing and bright characteristics. The LaCrescent gives it that distinct, delicious fruit aroma. All of the grapes that go into our wines are grown and hand-harvested in Vermont.

How much wine is in a can?

Each can is 250mL which equals 8.5oz. That is almost two glasses of wine! Capsize is mostly sold in 4-packs, which totals 1 liter of wine. That is one and a third bottles!


Where can I get it?

Wherever Shelburne Vineyard wines are sold. What's that you say? Your state doesn't have it? Let us know, we'll fight tooth and nail to get it there.

OR shop online at


Can I bring this wine home to my French Grandmother?

While it may not be what she's used to, if she's your kin we know that she's going to want to dive into a can of Capsize.


Question: Which bear is best?

Black bear. They're known to chill on the Lake Champlain waterfront and pound delicious wines.