Spring Has Sprung at Shelburne Vineyard

  Spring has certainly sprung at Shelburne Vineyard, and our vines are LOVING this pre-summer heat! Not a month ago, the sun was out, but our vines were bare, and now they’re rapidly bursting with life. While we’re not a fan of global warming, there’s definitely something to be said about the heightened temperatures and the amazing plant growth we’ve seen.  The stunning greenery around the vineyard this time of year has us excited for the summer months to come, and for all the great events outside that come with it!

   This year, the risk for disease has been especially low due to the unusually hot and dry weather we’ve been having.  This has helped to keep those pesky fungi out of our vineyards, because contrary to popular belief, they’re not actually the “funnest of guys” when it comes to grape growth. This weather has also been wonderfully supportive of grape blossoming and actually better for pollination overall.  The recent lack of moisture has meant less of a chance for rain to wash the pollen from the blooms, resulting in major self-pollination and some happy winemakers, as we should hopefully see a more bountiful fruiting!

   So what else is new since we were last seen shaking in our boots harvesting ice wine? Well, this weather has been so nice that we’ve been busy planning tons of outside events. There is of course our ever-popular Bluegrass & BBQ event series, our First Thursday Concert Series continuing, and now Lawn Game Nights, a new addition to our list of free outdoor public events. We can’t wait to have people join us on the lawn in this beautiful weather for food, fun, and most importantly wine! We will also be installing a new and improved outdoor bar for a more enhanced tasting experience. Whether you’re coming in for an evening event, or a mid-day tasting you can enjoy the scenic outdoor setting of our vineyard and grounds.

  Breakout your shades and Sangria recipes, Summer is right around the corner and we, including the vines, are more than ready for it!