Wine Infused Cheese and Beer

Gail Albert One of the most exciting aspects of Vermont’s culinary renaissance is the creativity and collaboration it inspires among Vermont’s  producers of specialty foods and beverages.   Within just the last month we’ve tasted the fruits of two of these unique partnerships.

Last spring Nat Bacon, Shelburne Farms’ Head Cheesemaker asked for a bottle of our Harvest Widow’s Revenge to experiment with a wine infused cheddar.   In November, at our annual Wine/Food Festival and Food Shelf Benefit, they brought along a young sample of the beautifully red-marbled cheese that resulted from that trial and the results were really promising.   All of us and the hundreds of visitors who tasted it at the Festival can’t wait to sample more tidbits as the cheese ages.

Widows revenge cheddar

And just this week, the Farm’s Megan Holt and Zac Shafer started the second phase of this adventure by soaking 20 lb of new curds with wine from a bottle of our heartier, award-winning Marquette.     What a perfect pairing: an award-winning wine and an award winning cheese all in one tasty bite!    Stay tuned.   We’ll keep you posted as this product line develops.

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Adding Marquette to the cheese Cheese curds infused with Marquette

Packing the curds into the hoop Megan and Nat with marbled cheddar

On the beverage side, last week Burlington’s Vermont Pub and Brewery Owner/Brewer, Steve Polewacyk, delivered  a sample growler of their newest seasonal brew—Bacchus Brau.    VPB made a small batch in 2012.   Now in its second year with a larger batch, this fruity ale was brewed using our freshly pressed Marquette juice, delivered to VPB during our 2013 harvest.    Steve introduced this pale rose colored ale at VPB a couple of weeks ago and we sampled the brew with friends of the winery who came to this week’s First Thursday Concert in the Loft here at the Vineyard.   We loved watching the smiles break as people sipped, shared their taste sensations and eagerly moved to finish their sample.    Think of it as a Rosé ale!    If you weren’t here to taste it, hurry down to VPB before it’s all gone.  It’s going fast!   ~ Gail

Click image below to visit VT Pub & Brewery website: Baccus Brau