Another Blog?

Feb. 11, 2011

Well, yes.

Grape growing and winemaking is still new to Vermont.  The oldest grape-growing winery started in 1997 and we started in 1998.  Now here in 2011 there are 14 wineries and several vineyard only operations in the state.

We are still learning from each other and from experiences in other emerging cold climate regions.   Putting some of our experiences down on “paper” (...I wonder when that phrase will disappear?....) will hopefully help in documenting what it takes  and what mistakes to avoid, and perhaps provide some interest to the public who we hope might follow our endeavor.

We intend to write about our adventures in grape growing, winemaking and evaluating our work efforts, the taste of the wines, and perhaps the way things look and how we feel about what we are doing.  We have not committed to a rigid schedule for the blogs yet.....we will start writing and see how our vineyard muse supports us.

We hope you find our efforts worth reading and please do provide us with feedback by clicking on the contact us link above.  Thanks for reading this.

Ken Albert Shelburne Vineyard managing partner and grower-winemaker.

** Look also for essays from Scott Prom, my Shelburne Vineyard partner and senior winemaker, Ethan Joseph our Operations Manager whose activities range over both winemaking and managing the vineyards.  Other staff memebers might pipe in now and then with news about events, wine pairings, menus and recipes- so stay tuned!