Spring Grapevine Pictures

Ken Albert Spring came a week or two later this season compared to the last few years. That's not necessarily bad as a late spring like this one means that the vines come out of dormancy later followed by bud break later....at a time that it is less likely to have a late frost event and less likely to have the new tender shoots "nipped in the bud".

spring vines 1

All our MN bred hybrids (Marquette, La Crescent, and Louise Swenson) came through the winter in excellent condition. We anticipate a full crop from them. We are now busy keeping the vines weed free using our new German made Braun grape hoe. With this machine we manage weeds organically avoiding use of any herbicides. We are also beginning to position all the rapidly growing shoots to insure all the grape clusters are not shaded by too much leaf cover. This allows the breezes to keep the growing clusters dry and free of any mildews.

P6060107 Marquette bud (pictured above on 6/3)

spring vines 2 Marquette buds (pictured above on 6/19)

spring vines 3 Marquette buds (pictured above on 6/19)

P6230394 Vidal Blanc (pictured above on 6/23) is much later to bloom than the Marquette

P6060108 Closeup of Marquette bud