Recipe for a Cookbook


Seasons in a Vermont VineyardThe Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook

By Lisa Cassell-Arms Photographs by David Seaver

Creating a cookbook has been on my bucket list for years. I own more than a hundred of them.  My favorites are the ones that transport me to a beautiful place; through their photographs, recipes and writings.  In Seasons of a Vermont Vineyard: The Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook, I hope to evoke not only the romance of a lush vineyard heavy with fruit, but a sense of the agricultural and work cycles that mark each season. The recipes have been collected from varied sources, some original, some adapted and some passed down for generations- and each one of them has a wine to love with it. I hope the flavors and pairing combinations will help transport you to this beautiful place that we love.

Thanks to David Seaver for his delectable photography, to Sarah Strauss for her dedicated recipe development and testing, and to the all the folks at Shelburne Vineyard for such passion for what they do.  ~Lisa



For a little TASTE of the cookbook, check out the short video trailer below.