Moose and Marquette

Lisa bio 150 2012-Marquette-Bottle-new-labelI consider myself an adventurous eater, but moose meat is pretty exotic even for me.  Thanks to some generous guys I know, I was recently the lucky recipient of moose meat steaks, venison tenderloin and some freshly made venison sausage.  Since I’ve never had moose meat, and I like a challenge -'game night' was planned. It would be a duo of VT venison and VT moose with a couple bottles of our big, bold VT Marquette.  Venison is lean and flavorful and can be prepared in any number of ways....but how to cook a moose?  That would require some research.

Moose & Marquette

Sliced moose

I had read that it could be tough and gamey, but what I learned was that moose (at least this moose) was very lean and very tender with a delicate flavor, not gamey at all. I decided a simple preparation was best. I marinated the moose in red wine (Marquette), olive oil, crushed garlic and fresh thyme, rosemary and parsley, pan seared the steaks briefly on both sides, cooking till medium-rare, then sliced them thinly and served with a Marquette Mushroom/Shallot Sauce over mashed potatoes.  Very good, and who would have thought?

Venison Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon

Venison in pan

The venison tenderloins were marinated in Marquette, olive oil and garlic, and then wrapped in bacon and pan seared till the bacon was crisp.  They were finished in the oven and then sliced into beautiful, medium-rare medallions.  Another big hit with our family.   Marquette was the perfect VT wine choice for this VT game duo- bold with hints of spice and oak.   Swing by the winery to grab a couple of bottles-there are only a few cases left ~ Lisa