A Staff Dinner in the Vineyard

Dining at sunset among the grapevines. Every August, just before the harvest season begins to heat up, the staff at Shelburne Vineyard sit down together to an al fresco feast among the vines; farmhouse style.  It’s our calm before the storm.  Long tables laid end to end are covered with white cloths.  Our eclectic and colorful assortment of plates, napkins and silverware are all brought from home to reduce waste.   Platters of food are arranged on the tasting bar just as the sky begins to glow pink.


Let me just say that we have some good cooks in our group.  Some REALLY good cooks.   The food is potluck and local (mostly) with a variety of dishes as unique as the personalities creating them.  Not surprising - we wine lovers generally love our food as well.

Our late summer dinner in the vineyard is an opportunity to discover some amazing wine/food pairings.  (2010 Marquette with Ethan and Tommy’s oak barrel smoked beef brisket- wow)  It’s also a good opportunity to pull out some “library wines” - (past vintages that have been dozing in the bottle for a few years)- and see how they’ve held up over time.  One of our happy discoveries was a 2006 bottle of  SV Traminette.  A lightly sweet, fruity white that was still refreshing and delicious.

We all look forward to our vineyard dinner as a time to come together and share good food, good wine and good company, surrounded by grapevines heavy with ripening fruit.  We’re well fed and ready to gear up for harvest!   But first, a nap.