2013 Harvest

The main portion of our 2013 crop has been successfully harvested, due in large part to our many, enthusiastic harvest helpers, more than 50 different individuals, to share in the work.   Thank you all for your wonderful help!  During harvest period, the weather has been amazingly cooperative, bringing days of sunshine and temperatures not too hot and not too cold.   With the large number of harvest helpers this year, the Vineyard reverberated with conversation (in Nepalese as well as English) as pickers worked on opposite sides of the vines.  Our record crew ranged from agricultural students to retired farmers and friends, local wine and gardening afficionados and members of the Bhutanese community anxious to earn wages again in agricultural work. As the trays filled, Vineyard staff collected the trays, deposited the grapes into large containers and transported the containers by tractor to the Press Pad to be processed.  So far, we've picked Marquette, LaCrescent, Louise Swenson, Prairie Star and St. Croix.   The last varietal to be picked during the fall season is Riesling.  The Riesling will hang on the vine, weather permitting and barring a hard frost, for perhaps a week or two more to attain maximum sugar.   And then, the season finale, harvest of the Ice Wine grapes Arctic Riesling and Vidal Blanc, will come when the Temperatures drop to 15°F or less.  Check out some of the photos from our LaCrescent, Marquette and Louise Swenson harvests below.

Harvest helpers

Taking in the bird netting

LaCrescent on the vine

LaCrescent in the bin

Loading the bins

LaCrescent just picked

Loading onto the tractor

Ethan and Steve

Foggy harvest

Marquette Harvest

2013 Louise Swenson Harvest