2010 Marquette- Award Winner

Have you heard?  Our 2010 Marquette won "Best of Show" red wine at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition held in MN.  Minneapolis Star Tribune contributor Bill Ward, who sampled the wine and wrote an article on the competition, said of the wine, "It also was the most delicious cold-climate red wine I ever tasted."
2010 Marquette grapes at harvest
Our 2010 vintage of Marquette is the third vintage of this wine.   It is a 100% Marquette blend of grapes from our winery site as well as two other local vineyards.   We continue to explore the great potential of this grape.   Like the 2009 vintage, we aged this wine sur lie, or on dead yeast cells, for a number of months and performed battonage, or stirring of the lees in barrel. We do this for several reasons, including increased mouthfeel and wine structure, additional body, and enhanced aroma/flavor complexity, among others. When yeast cells die, their cell walls slowly break down, or autolyse, releasing polysaccharides, amino acids, fatty acids, and mannoproteins, all compounds that influence the above goals. We've found this process to greatly enhance our Marquette.
2010 Marquette crush and de-stem
Tom is "punching down the cap"  or mixing juice and skins for maximum extraction
2010 Marquette "sur lie"  in the barrel
Crush 2011 is just around the corner and soon we'll be working on another vintage of this exceptional grape (as well as the rest of our lineup). So, come on over and share in the excitement.
Our best wishes to those experiencing the after effects of Irene. We hope you are all faring well.