UVM Cold Climate Viticulture Course - May 23 - July 11


Wednesdays, May 23 - July 11 8:45 am - 3:45 pm

Instructor: Terence Bradshaw

Class will meet at various sites off-campus, including Shelburne Vineyard.

Plant & Soil Science: Cold Climate Viticulture is a 3 credit course offered through the Dept. of Continuing Education at the University of Vermont.

In the class, students will learn principles and practices of commercial cold-climate grape production, including: site selection and preparation; varietal selection; vine training; nutrient, water and pest management; harvest; and introductory winemaking considerations. Special emphasis will be placed on environmental and economic sustainability of the vineyard operation. The class will apply knowledge of integrated horticultural and pest management practices in a real vineyard setting. The class format will consist of a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on fieldwork, and visits to local commercial vineyards.

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