Employment Opportunities

Shelburne Vineyard requires many different skillful hands and minds throughout the year to
keep our vineyards and winery up and running.  Check out our opportunities for employment at this time:


Seasonal Positions

We are not currently hiring on anyone for our Tasting Room, however, we always accept resumes.
Feel free to send us your cover letter and resume at tory@shelburnevineyard.com .


Year-round Positions


*No Year Round Positions Available at this time


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Want to have a hand in Harvest?

Every year we invite community members, employees, and refugees alike to lend a helping hand in our grape harvest! Grape harvesting typically happens from the beginning of September-October and is a great way to get involved in, and be a part of what we produce at Shelburne vineyard. 

Please email kalbert@shelburnevineyard.com to inquire and express interest in being a part of our harvesting team.