Ethan Joseph, vineyard manager/ head winemaker

   I came to Vermont seven years ago as an ecology student at the University of Vermont. My first introduction to the Vineyard was summer trimming at our Breeding Barn site. The picturesque landscape instantly drew me in. For three years I worked seasonally, dormant pruning, harvesting, and bottling. About the time I grew disillusioned with academia and grant-based research work, Ken and Scott approached me about beginning a full time position as they began to expand with more acreage and a new facility.

    Having a background in ecology, a passion for organic gardening, and hobbies of home-brewing and cider making, it felt only natural to accept. The cyclical nature of farming and winemaking are good for the soul. One day there’s pruning and another the crush; I enjoy working hard, field to glass. Now I spend my time tending the vines and trying to wash the red stains out of my clothes, not such a bad gig.